Improve Your Presentation Skills 10X in Just 2 Days!

Can you improve your presentation skills 10X?


As a professional public speaker with over 20 years of experience, I know what works and what doesn’t, and I revealed everything in this 2-day workshop.

Research shows that only 8% of people manage to achieve their goals. One of the factors that separate the 8 percenter and the 92 percenter, is a proper system. With a well-planned, proven, and organized system, achieving your goal is unavoidable, compared to just having a stand-alone goal.

Goals are good for setting direction, but systems are best for making progress and seeing the results. What you have here in this 2-day workshop is a system. Not just any system, but a complete and proven system to enable you to improve your presentation skills 10X in a short period of time.

Here's Why You Can 10X Your Presentation Skills

If your goal is to increase your presentation skills SIGNIFICANTLY then this is for you. I was born in a small family. I had a sister and a brother. Throughout my life, as an introverted person, I don’t speak much. I keep things to myself and I did not have many friends around.

I still remember my first presentation over 20 years ago was terrible and it was terrifying. I felt as if everybody in the room was trying to tear me apart. All eyes were looking at every move I made, and every point that I shared is going to be criticized.

Then, I met my two mentors, who brought me into the world of public speaking, training, and consultancy. The advice that they gave me changed my perspective on public speaking and presentation.

From an introverted individual, I have successfully conquered my fear of public speaking. Today, whenever I speak in front of any audience, large or small, I feel just like a kid going to a candy store.

If an introverted person like me can do it, you can do it too.

Speaking in front of hundreds of people in a new legislative dining hall … such a wonderful experience

Here's What You'll Discover...

  • How to use The InX Presentation System to significantly improve your presentation skills 10X in a short period of time.
  • A proven mindset programming technique that will help you to maintain your focus and belief in pursuing your ultimate goal as a confident, competent, and superb speaker and presenter…
  • How to connect with your audience immediately…
  • How to conquer your fear of public speaking and control your stage like the pros… 
  • How to avoid mistakes and blunders that most speakers make during their presentation…
  • A simple yet effective technique that will help you to prepare your presentation materials faster…
  • How to handle difficult people during your presentation…
  • And many more


“This program is not only about presenting to the public or our customers but also about interacting with other people. Recommended especially to managers who handling weekly staff meetings.”
Mohd Jafni
Network Planning & Implementation Manager
“Even though I have done a lot of presentations before, I find that this program is valuable and useful because the content discussed are very interesting especially on the Representational System of human being and it can really help me a lot in my future presentation.”
Jong Kong Mui
Senior Marketing Manager
“The facilitator is superb! I have learnt a lot and I believed I have improved my presentation skills.”
Drahman Sait
Executive Director
“Practical, straightforward tips, and useful tools for delivering an effective presentation. This program is all-inclusive.”
Ishak Abdullah
Senior Manager
“The content and presentation were extremely good.”
Che Raimi Marican
Chief Executive Manager
“Very interesting and practical on how to effectively improve our presentation skills.”
Ayub Dahari
Corporate and Marketing Manager