Social Selling: How to Use Social Media to Drive More Business

So in this article I will share with you how do you effectively use social media such as YouTube, Instagrams, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pintrest and many more to increase you sales.

You do not need millions of followers to make money on the Internet there is this thing called 1000 true fans principle whereby if you just have 1000 followers wither on one platform or combine on all your social media platforms you can make money and increase your sales online, how? Through engagement, consistency and value focus. Let me explain.
One,  you need to in engage with your followers on daily basis. You need to give them values, so that is why when you produce your content you have to be specific targeted towards who do you want to serve.

So where do you begin, one follower at a time. If you have one follower even though it doesn’t seem much but if you nurture your relationship with that person over time you will see your followers will start to grow.

Most of social media experts out there have the same believe when it comes to growing your customers of followers online, that is, it  will take time for you to see your subscribers or followers to grow. Therefore you have to be patient you have to be persevere, don’t give up too easily. You need to put out at least one content a day, but if you can produce more, that is even better. If you can’t do it once a day make it twice a week or three times a week what important is you have consistent engagement with your followers.

You don’t have to be fancy with your production just produce something even with your iPhone or your android phone that is good enough, as long as you engage with your followers consistently you’re good.

You need to put out your content consistently. If you decided to do it once a day then stick to it, post once a day. If you decided to produce twice a week then that would be your schedule make you put on your coat then twice a week. 

If you’re not consistent for example you put out one content this week, no content at all for the following 2 weeks, then two or three content the following months, the you go missing in action for 1 to 2 months before you reappear again online then you can never grow your followers and your business on social media.

Finally you should bring values to your followers. Their times are valuable. Therefore whenever you put out your content out there it should be valuable to them. For example if you are a business coach then make sure your content can help  them with their businesses, if you are a fitness coach talk about  health and fitness,  if you are into photography then photography is what you talk about.

My point here is this don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none, you talk about everything under the sun. People will get confused what is it that you like to share with them, you have to focus into your specific area that is how you will see your followers subscribers and ultimately your business will grow.

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Be happy be grateful and stay safe.
See you in my next post, this is Moslem Anoar signing off.