Ace Your Learning: How to Learn Effectively and Master New Skills

So I don’t like slow pace, yeah I like things done immediately. I think this is one of the reasons why sometimes when I am learning new things be it through reading, online classes, face to face lecture and the like I don’t really get it, I mean it takes me a couple of times repeating the course, lecture or whatever it is to get it down.

And this is the key to effective learning my friend, go slow and deep.

Even though our brain is wired differently, some of us visual, including me, some are audio, some kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory, when it comes to effective learning we need to go deep and slow. This is particularly true especially if you are a teacher. Let me explain.

You see, business, entrepreneurship, human resource training, stock trading and web development are my things. I can talk and teach any of these topics anytime anywhere because I know them very well. And this is why I noticed that when I teach them sometimes I found out that there are students don’t really get it. They don’t understand the takeaways of the lesson. Why? It’s because I took the session for granted.

And here’s the Eureka moment for me. Few months back I was conducting a 4-hour e-commerce web development course via zoom, and I go really really slow. I teach the lessons really really slowly and you know what, all participants (I guess so based on the feedback) understand on how to create a fully functional e-commerce website within that 4-hour session.

So the next time you would like to learn something, go slow and deep into that topic.

Till my next blog, this is Moslem Anoar signing off for tonight.