Entrepreneur Tips – How To Increase Productivity At Home

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In this article, I will share with you 5 effective tips to be more productive when you are working from home.

So how to be more productive when working from home? Time is our greatest commodity and we cannot afford to waste it on anything that is not going to benefit us at all, especially when we are working from home. So here are 5 things that you can do to be more productive.

Number one, proper workplace or workstation. Even though you are working from home that doesn’t mean that you can work any place you want inside your home. Because if you do, then you will waste a lot of time thinking of where to work the next day and get that spot ready especially if it is not meant for a workstation.

What you should do instead, is to create a spot, a workstation in your home where you have your privacy to do your job, and it is ready for you anytime whenever you wanted to work. This doesn’t have to a big area, all you need is just one table for your computer and a few stationary, that’s it. What important is that your work station must be a conducive working place and it doesn’t interfere or affect your family members in a negative way. One thing that you should consider is choosing a spot that has minimal distractions.

Number two batching. What does it mean and how does it work? Batching means grouping your daily activities into their specific group and complete each batch at the same time. For example let say that you are going to make 5 phone calls, write 7 emails, pay a visit to 3 suppliers, buy groceries and pick up your kids form school.

Even though there are 17 things that you need to do that day, in fact, you only need to do them in 3 batches, which are making the phone calls, writing emails and driving.

So this is how you do the batching. For the first batch, make all the 5 calls within a specific time period, for example, first thing in the morning. Then the second batch, write all the 7 emails in one sitting. Then finally when you go out which is the driving batch, do all 5 things sequentially, visit your suppliers, buy groceries and pick up your kids form school.

Number three networking. Working from home doesn’t mean isolating yourself from the world. If you want to speed up your success as an entrepreneur make sure that you connect yourself with as many people as you can. You don’t have to meet up with them physically, you can always connect, electronically you know via online meeting, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and so forth. The point here is this, the more you connect with people in your industry, the more opportunities you have either to increase your bottom-line or to explore new opportunities to expand your business. Therefore make sure you allocate time in your schedule to network as well ok.

Number four, automation. Nowadays we can automate almost anything we want. For example, answering questions or requests from our customers, follow up emails, reminders, posting social media content, blogging and many more.

You can use applications such as Zapier which can help you to boost your productivity, Hootsuite for your social media posting, Calendly which is like a matchmaking app to schedule your meeting with your clients, potential clients and many more.

And number five you must have a long term goal and celebrate every milestone that you achieve. The best part of becoming an entrepreneur is that you make and control your own decision. Therefore how fast and how slow you achieve your goal depends entirely on you. Make sure you have a 5 or 10-year goal so that you can breakdown every single year, every quarter and every single month into a small milestone that you must achieve. Once you achieve this small little step, celebrate and reward yourself. Do whatever makes you happy.

This habit of rewarding yourself every time you hit your milestone will wire your brain into working even harder to achieve more milestones and ultimately to achieve your long term business goals. This is called anchoring in NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. In other words, you are programming yourself for success.

So be grateful and be happy, stay home stay safe.

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