7 Best Entrepreneur Advice For Beginners

Here are 7 best entrepreneur advice for beginners. If you plan to start your journey as an entrepreneur then this article is right for you. If you don’t like reading, you can watch the video here https://youtu.be/IJwkxkhXfF4

So let’s begin.

Number one, you have to ask yourself is this really for you. Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? One, do you like challenges and two do you like to help others. If you answer yes to all these three questions then you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Definitely you will face a lot of challenges along the way, many obstacles that you need to overcome and these challenges and obstacles will be hard at first and if you persevere you will get used to them and your journey will be more exciting, day by day.

As an entrepreneur, your main role is actually to solve other people’s problems. Not just yours but your customers as well. The more people that you are able to help with your products and services the more successful you will become. That’s how it is.

Number two, do you follow your passion you know what you care about or do you just follow what the market wants. Well, there is no one right answer to this question. Some say that an entrepreneur should follow their passion and another school of thought say that you should follow the market demand.

As for me, you should look at your current situation, more particularly your current financial status. If you have responsibility to take care of your family, your kids your parents then you should follow that the market wants because you need to earn your living as soon as possible right.

But if you do not have much financial commitment and you can afford to live without additional income for the next six months at least, then follow your passion. Do what you care about, because by doing so your journey as an entrepreneur will be more enjoyable.

Number three come up with your game plan. Some called it a business plan, some even called it a marketing plan but whatever it is, you must have you plan. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s true guys…

If you want a simple plan just get these three things in your plan. One who do intend to serve which is your customers, two how do you plan to serve them, online, offline, both, and number three who will be with you in this endeavor, that means your team or your staff. If you can’t afford to hire someone then do it yourself first then you can hire your team later on. The point here is, don’t do everything on your own because you will burn out easily with all the things that you must do as an entrepreneur.

Number four, make sure that you have the right daily routines. Make sure you have time to do or achieve your personal goals, time for your family, time flies make sure you spend time with them as well no matter how busy you are, you do not want to regret it later on in your life for not spending enough time with them, and finally you must allocate quality time to peruse your business goal.

How do you this? Use Pareto Principle or 80/20 rules. Put the activity that requires the least amount of time but producing the most meaning results in your life on top of the list and the not so important things that are indifferent to you at the bottom of that list. The word here my fiend is prioritise.

Next, number five. Take massive actions. Since you have already planned out in step four, now it is time to put all you plan to work. Do whatever you have planned and never skipped not a single plan. This is called discipline. For example, let say that you plan to call 10 people in a day for the first week of your business. No matter what, you MUST make that 9 phone call. If the first call is scheduled at 9:00 am, then at 9:00 you MUST make that call. Never delay that phone call. Remember, if you give yourself just one excuse to deviate from your plan, then that can be the starting point of your failure.

Number six, stay positive. As I mentioned earlier, you will definitely going to face a lot of challenges and obstacles throughout your journey as an entrepreneur and staying positive and motivated can help you a long way. How do you stay positive and motivated all the time or at least most of the time. Here is the formula, motions affect emotions. If you feel down, if you feel demotivated, just act, speak and move like a motivated person. Because your physiology,  your body language, your facial expression, your physical movement will affect your emotions, positive movement will results in positive emotions thus this will affect your emotions as well. In a nutshell, positive movements breed positive emotions thus producing positive results in our lives.

And finally number seven my friend, upgrade your knowledge through continuous learning and apply whatever new knowledge that you have acquired in your life and in your business. You see, your life and your business will grow in only you grow. So go to as many seminars as you can when the lockdown is over or better still now you can learn everything online. Take up online courses like on Udemy, Skillshare and so forth.

Have any questions on business and entrepreneurship just write them in the comment section down below.

Be grateful, be happy, stay at home and stay safe.

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