With over 20 years of consulting, training, and coaching experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs and organisations all over the world, we can be the catalyst to your success.


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We Consult

Whatever advice, idea and strategy you need to get your business started, we can help you with that.  As a business consultant firm, we will provide you with strategic options to overcome whatever challenges that you have as an entrepreneur.

We Train

Since 1996 we have trained thousands of people both offline and online to achieve their true potential. We can train you and your team so that you and your people are not just a team but a solid, effective and productive team to be reckoned with.

We Coach

If you are looking for someone to hold your hand every step of the way in starting up, managing and growing your business, then we can coach you the way we coach every other entrepreneur who is unique and requires special attention.

Let Us Help You

Have a specific area that you would like us to help with? Be it starting up your first business venture, management, marketing, finance, human resource or business strategy?


“A 5-Star resource person”

Center For Modern Management

“ It is indeed a very good one. I first came across the instructor through a YouTube video where he shared something that changed my business powerfully and I got to know he lectures on Udemy and decided to enrol on his course. He is a man with vast experience and you will indeed learn a lot from him. I highly recommend him.” 

Segun Oloye

“ I have attended many business courses like this, but this is very different, very insightful and we have learnt a lot from Moslem in this two days compared to countless of courses we have attended. Thank you so much with all the knowledge and insights.” 

Rabiah Amit

“Great and powerful course. Short and very practical. This will cut much of the learning curve you need in business elements. This course provide the foundation tools and mindset also the strategy need for you to become a successful business owner.Thank you so much :D”


Enzo Coloso

“ Very interesting course, straight to the point, on top professor brings real life experience and that’s very appreciated.”

Gianni Paolo Peretti

Principal Consultant

Dr. Moslem Anoar started his career as a business and finance lecturer teaching business, investment, and entrepreneurship. In 2002 he set up his consulting firm, AAZ Puncak Pinnacle to serve the business community, and organizational entities working on human capital development and dealing with business issues and organizational challenges.

Equipped with PhD in Business Management, MBA, BBA in Finance, and vast working experience as a business and management consultant, and a business coach, Dr. Moslem and his team can be the catalyst to your business and organizational success.

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